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We apologize that the prairie walk and butterfly talk were both canceled. The reasons for this are quite simple; the Parkland is currently overrun with invasive crown vetch which has choked out many areas containing prairie plants. The Monarch Trail, within the UWM Monarch conservancy has just been mowed as part of the establishment and management of the new prairie. For these reasons, there are few prairie plants and even fewer butterflies to show and talk about. Management practices may temporarily reduce the butterfly habitat but are essential for the long term establishment and health of the prairie. We will catch up on these plant and butterfly tours at our August 23rd Event. Stay tuned.

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    Hi Monarch Trail Friends ! Directions To Trail Maps Restoration Proposal by Jim Price

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    The Planting event was a great success! 

     30+ people worked to plant 1,500 milkweed and nectar plants in 3 areas on the new DOT land. This will provide more diversity in the plant community as well as help to restore monarch butterfly resources that supported the population and migration in previous years.

    Sincere thanks to the many people who came out to help on a hot summer afternoon!—the monarchs will thank us all.

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!